Donation Beast – Now a Facebook App

We launched the Donation Beast to tame the donation request process for Merchants, Franchises and Restaurants. No more saying “no” in person. No more forgetting where you put that piece of paper with the little league logo…

With the Donation Beast web app, you can simple place a line of code on your website (like Google Analytics) and drop a button on your site. That way you can point any donation requests to the site and we manage it like a LinkedIn request. Now we’ve taken that same functionality and moved it to  a Facebook Application.

See how it works at these customers:

  1. The Non Profit group simply goes to the Facebook Fan Page and clicks on the link to request the donation.
  2. Request notices are sent via email to the business
  3. The business is able to accept or reject the request 
  4. The business receives a weekly update to make sure no requests are missed
  5. promotes your donations to get your business more social followers and Fans!

Sign up for the Donation Beast Facebook App at It’s free during our Beta Launch.

Where are you customers hanging out online?

Guy Kawasaki and team do a great job surfacing relevant Infographics, this one was created by Online MBA Resource.

Where are you customers hanging out online? The question likely starts with do you know who your customers are? 57% of Facebook users are Women over 45 with some college and income of $50-99k.

Pinterest is 82% Women, more then half are over 35, this relatively new site has been able to amass 21M uniques a month…

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
Via: Online MBA Resource

Check out the new site…

We just launched our new updated site – with a narrowed focus on powering Cause Marketing.

Businesses can use Bundled to Harness the power of cause marketing & turn their  donations into new customers. Stop saying “No” in person… leverage your website to increase followers and fans!

  • Automate donation requests by adding a link to your site for Donation requests
  • We automate the process and notify you similar to a LInkedIn Request
  • You can Accept or Reject the Requests via email or the site
  • We then track the Social Reach of you donation
    •  Facebook Fans
    • Twitter Followers
    • Email subscribers

Coming soon For Causes – were building out the Event Management platform to let better manage your event

  • Manage your invitees and attendees
  • Leverage your volunteers
  • Manage your targeted merchants
  • Support your giving merchants

Causes can use the free time based version or can save your giving data and contact information from year to year.

Thanks for all of the great feedback over the last few weeks prior to launch.

Yes we are still doing custom lead generation programs and web development services. Contact us anytime!


How Small Businesses are Using Social Media – But are they doing it wrong?

This was from a Guy Kawasaki blog post – Thanks Guy!

The original source is from Intuit. Facebook now has 9M business users and is rolling out Timeline for Business.

How will it effect how your business uses Facebook and Social Media?

How small businesses use social media - infographic
via: Intuit Websites

Stop mailing Gift Certificates!

OK, with all of the technology available these days you’d think we would have replaced the gift certificate, foil stamp and USPS by now. But amazingly, it’s still around. Bundled just launched gift certificate automation as part of our Donation Beast App.

How to replace gift certificates with email:

  • Add the Donation Beast App to your website
    • When you configure the App, select “Create a Voucher for me” – we’ll include the virtual foil stamp!
  • You can also edit any specific terms and conditions on the same screen
  • Don’t forget to Upload your logo in the Company Profile, we’ll include that automatically in the email certificate
  • All certificates come with a unique redemption code
    • Codes can only be redeemed once, and have a date and time stamp of redemption
  • All redemption can be done from within the App or directly via the web without logging into Bundled (see your Setup page for your specific URL)

That’s it… when you donate to a group you now longer have to mail out the Gift Certificate. One more new feature to automate the donation process.

Do you need QR Codes?

There’s a great post this morning on ByzBlog, by Nat Green called “They’re Doing it all Wrong” about the 2 dimensional Bar Codes called Quick Response or QR Codes and how they are popping up all over – from business cards to store windows.

I was first exposed to QR Codes while in Japan, they were using them on signs for concerts and to promote movies. Japan’s use of cell phone’s has been ahead of the US for a long time, specifically camera’s on phones (I’ll have to cover other advantages for later). Or this example, on a pack of gum!

Green covers a couple of the gaps required to make these ads effective:

  • Have a good call to action. Be specific in what you want the reader to do and what they’re going to get when they do it (this applies to ALL of your marketing)
  • Put them in areas where you have cell service (ads in underground skytrain terminals or airline magazines may not be your best choices).
  • Send them to a mobile friendly website so the viewer has a good experience on your website

I’d add a couple of notes about setting up QR Codes and knowing the purpose of setting them up.

  • Look at Sparqcode, where you can make a custom QR code and track the analytics. This works for a vCard, Text, Map, URL, etc and it’s FREE!
  • here’s a list of QR Code generators including feature options…